Shipley Lakeside with a distinctive identity, formerly the American Adventure Theme Park, is 81 acres of prime land and 31 acres of water lying within Shipley Country Park.

This page is a place for anyone to share their experiences of this valuable community resource and have your say on what it should be used for in the future.

If your opposed to the current prodomently housing led development planning application email - - your ''Objection to AVA/2013/0186 - Mixed Use development proposal on land at former American Adventure Theme Park.

My idea of its future is to extend Shipley Country Park to the lakeside with boutique development providing small catering and sport and recreation conveyances, creating the largest country park in England. 'A destination of distinction'.

'Give' the western site of the lake to a partner who could contribute to the reclamation of the extended country park, and deliver a state of the art further education campus to attract students 'into' One of Derbyshire's destination's of distinction''.

Councillor Kevin Parkinson, Shipley Park, Horsely and Horsely Woodhouse, Amber Valley Borough Council and Greater Heanor, Derbyshire County Council
The proposed scale of new housing led development (post 2013)
The scale of former American Adventure development (pre 2007)
Shipley Lakeside view prior to American Adventure development
A view of Shipley Lakeside today
Iconic view of sites mining heritage, not what housing developers will want their 400+ new home buyers to see

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